Inspiring Inclusion in Television

CultureX Conversations offers a unique breakthrough conference for television industry and media leaders who are engaged in diversifying their workplace and ensuring that the service and content they provide to customers is inclusive of those who identify by their ethnicity, nationality, language, special needs, or sexual orientation.

This virtual conference features a series of 10 sessions including thought-provoking keynote, and panel discussions with industry leaders, and talent as well as case study presentations that demonstrate best practices for diversity and inclusion in the television industry.


Now more than ever before, businesses wish to be diversified, and to invite a variety of cultural perspectives within their organization. CultureX Conversations uniquely addresses this need within the television business by placing a spotlight on the current process of inclusivity within this industry, and how this process is helping to ensure a diversified work force.

The discussions also demonstrate the “connection” between a diversified television work force and the content they create, as well as the audiences the content attracts, and the advertisers who want to reach those audiences.


This event is for those who are already in the business of television, marketing, advertising, and media, or those interested in the business, and those who are just getting started. That includes executives from production companies, distributors, promotions agencies, unions, brands, media buyers, networks, connected tv providers, audience measurement and research firms, talent, and students.